Edward Gough Whitlam.

Swept to power in 1972, on a pop star inspired tide of enthusiasm, Gough Whitlam wasted no time in enacting his far reaching and numerous social and political reforms as Prime Minister of Australia. His first action was to end Australia’s involvement with the Vietnam War.

Leading the Australian Labor Party out of a 25 year political exile, it was his exuberant enthusiasm for change that led to his undoing when his clumsy and clandestine efforts to fund some of those reforms by committing the country to billions of borrowed petro-dollars, eventually led to the Governor General, dismissing Gough and his government. This made Gough the first (and so far only) Prime Minister of Australia, to be sacked from office.

Controversial, courageous and with a commanding presence, Gough went on to become an elder statesman of Australian politics.


“Maintain your enthusiasm.”

E.G. Whitlam. AC, QC. 1916 – 2014



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