Pork Belly Curry

Naughty But Nice.

 Traffic_light  Like the traffic lights of Bangkok, Thai curries come in Red, Green and Yellow. Some time back, I made a Thai Green Chicken Curry but substituted pork belly for the chicken, otherwise the recipe was identical.  I cut the pork belly into strips and then the strips into bite sized pieces. This was a massive hit at my family’s curry day and they all wished I’d made more.So enough time had passed for the guilt of decadence to wear off and I thought I’d try a Thai Yellow Pork Belly Curry. You have to have an extensive spice pantry to include all the ingredients for a yellow curry, so I just bought a good quality Thai Yellow Curry paste from the store. Once again the original recipe called for chicken, but I just substituted pork belly and otherwise followed the instructions.

Whilst the result was tasty, it wasn’t a patch on the green curry. I put that down to the spice mix not being quite as compatible with the pork belly. It was worth a try, but I won’t be making it again and luckily I experimented first and didn’t take it to the family do.

Ever curious, I am going to try the Thai Red Curry with pork belly. I shall then see if I have to stop at the Red.


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