Bagoong Alamang

Part Two.

Part one was the Ginisang Alamang posted back in September, 2013. What wasn’t available then, was any Google results with recipe ideas for the Bagoong Alamang. Turns out that the authentic Phillipine method of preparing it as a dipping sauce is the only way to go.

So I started down that path by frying some chili and garlic in oil, then adding onions and then tomatoes and finally the shrimp fry (Bagoong Alamang), frying until it reduced a little.

The authentic recipe now called for the addition of vinegar and brown sugar (I guess to create a sweet and sour effect) but I opted out of adding those ingredients and instead just added some seafood.

I figured if you are meant to dip your cooked seafood like prawns, squid, etc. into the sauce, actually cooking the seafood in the sauce would be an advantage.

Turns out it was OK and surprisingly good as a cold lunch the following day.

As usual I tested my experiment out at a family get-together and it went down quite well, eaten with rice.

One day I will follow a recipe without wandering from the script.

(P.S. Probably not.)


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