Panda Anti-Virus

Not Just A Cute Logo.

Recently I installed Panda Anti-Virus on my laptop. It runs unobtrusively in the background using minimal computer resources. I’m not even aware that it’s even there. Just as it should be. But is it actually working or doing any anti-virus stuff?  Well, I don’t know (or didn’t).

I also have a brilliant little programme called Notepad++. It’s an ingenuous programmer’s replacement for Windows Notepad.

Anyway the other day I clicked on its icon to open it up and before I could say WTF? Panda had, like a gecko with a long sticky tongue, zapped the icon off my desktop and completely removed the programme. No more Notepad++, no questions asked.

A Panda window pop-up said it was removed for my own good.

OK I thought, better safe than sorry and there are other programmes apparently, that will do the same job.

Then, about a week later, just as quickly as Notepad++ was taken out of my life, the gecko spat it back out. Just like that! The Panda pop-up said basically, after a good “look” at it, the decision was that it was a safe programme and not infected at all. Notepad++ was back in my life

It answers my question of whether Panda was working or not, but raises another one. Who’s in control around here? Obviously not me.

I think that’s a giant thumbs up to Panda.

Pandas are cute, but geckos are serious.

Maybe they should change their logo to a gecko!


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