Faith, Hope And Charity.

Yesterday in 1921, at the University of Toronto, Canadian scientists Frederick Banting and Charles Best successfully isolated insulin; a hormone they believe could prevent diabetes. Within a year, the first human sufferers of diabetes were receiving insulin treatments and countless lives were saved from what was previously regarded as a fatal disease.
With the support of J.J.R. MacLeod, the University of Toronto gave pharmaceutical companies license to produce insulin, free of royalties. By 1923, insulin had become widely available and Banting and Macleod were awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine.

Banting & Best

Yesterday in 2003, the legendary actor-comedian Sir Bob Hope (May 29, 1903 – July 27, 2003), died at age 100. In 1934, Hope wed the nightclub singer Dolores Reade; the marriage would endure until his death.
Dolores Hope, (May 27, 1909 – September 19, 2011) who gave up her singing career to spend 69 years at the side of her husband Bob Hope, pursuing philanthropy and projecting with him the image of an enduring Hollywood marriage, in the home she and her husband bought in 1940 in the Toluca Lake section of Los Angeles. She was 102.

Bob & Dolores                               Bob & Dolores Hope



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