The Vegan Egg White.

The slimy, smelly liquid from your tinned beans and chickpeas that you’ve been pouring down your kitchen drain, can in fact be whipped into perfect peaks, just like egg whites.

Until recently, vegans the world over have been denied a suitable and tasty egg white substitute enjoyed by those who eat eggs.

Goose Wohlt, a vegan from America, is the man responsible for introducing aquafaba to a wider audience.

He and his wife thought the boxed version of egg replacers tasted like cardboard and began experimenting ways to make meringues that were delicious and free of animal products.

Wohlt’s wife happened upon a video of a man whipping this strained bean water into chocolate mousse and thought it could work on her husband’s meringues.

‘I ran down to my kitchen to try it; it worked the first time,’ says Wohlt.

‘Unlike previous attempts, they tasted great. I realised this could be a magical egg replacer.’

Given the countless ways egg whites are used in cooking, aquafaba represents something of a missing link for the vegan community.

Mayonnaise, marshmallows, macaroons, butter and royal icing are all potentially on the menu now for vegans.

(P.S. Who would have thought!)



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