Melting Spuds

Waste Not,

A Melbourne inventor has worked out how to melt down potatoes like cheese, and has spent the past 12 years creating a range of food substitutes with liquid potato.
Potato Magic’s Andrew Dyhin believes his invention could shake-up the food processing sector, creating a believable, plant based alternative to cheese, milk, custard and ice cream.
A commercialised product would also provide a home for the hundreds of thousands of Australian potatoes that never make it to the supermarket, or to the dining table.
“When we look at the world today, and we see how important food security is, and getting the maximum amount of food from a hectare of land, having a way of using potato in all its current forms and all the by-product from potato processing and stuff that’s left in the paddock, the stuff that gets thrown in the dump. This can do that.


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