The Dastardly Duo.

Obama and Kerry. What is it with these guys?

It seems if you’re a democratic nation and a friend and ally of the United States, these two dudes have you in their sights for some unfriendly action.

From being put at the end of a long queue for U.S. trade negotiations if you are British and exercise your democratic right to vote for Brexit, to not even being consulted before the US sneakily dishonoured their long standing traditional power of veto to protect their “friend” Israel from an unfriendly United Nations resolution which condemned Israel’s democratically elected representatives from conducting their nation’s affairs in the best interests of their people.

Attacking friends has fewer consequences? Friends don’t fight back? Coward’s punches?

The dastardly duo appear to have a dichotomy of attitude between the friends and foes of the free world.



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