Tip Trip

quokka  Say hello to my little friend; if you can find him.

Whilst they may look like a giant rat, Quokkas are cute little marsupials and are captive residents of the popular holiday resort of Rottnest Island (12 miles west of Fremantle on Australia’s west coast.) With no natural predators on the island, the Quokkas are very approachable, and so would be easy prey anywhere else.

Rottnest is an “A” class reserve, and so all waste is regularly barged off the island to a mainland tip.

One intrepid little furry fellow, hitched a ride on the barge along with the rubbish, and went unnoticed until spotted at the tip. Unarmed and not dangerous, he does however, remain “at large”.

quokka-escapee  The fugitive at his hideout.


His parents and numerous siblings and relatives, want him back but sadly he can never go home as it is unknown what he might have been exposed to and could put all the island’s quokkas (about 10,000) in jeopardy. There are other homes for him, but not on the reserve.

Rottnest may be an OK island escape for people, but not for marsupials. The Quokka hunt is on.


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