Nature Strikes Back

The Magnificent Wedge-Tailed Eagle.

Wedge Tail Eagle

The endangered and most beautiful creature in the world, is fighting back, to protect its environment.
A wedge-tailed eagle has attacked and badly damaged a drone flying over farm machinery in Western Australia.
Leigh Nairn was using the drone to check the set-up of his airseeder when the eagle swooped and knocked the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) out of the sky.
The farmer from Binnu, north of Geraldton, said the bird grabbed the drone with its talons.
“I had the drone up just doing a bit of scouting in a paddock, checking the airseeder to see how it was all going in, and then out of nowhere to the left a big wedgie came in and attacked my drone,” he said.
“It was probably all but one or two seconds. The next thing I saw was my drone tumbling to the earth.”
He said the drone camera was damaged and a propeller was knocked off.
He was concerned the eagle would carry the drone away.
“It just came in from above, so it must have been circling,” Mr Nairn said.
“It might have got a bit of damage on him from one of the propellers, I’m not sure.”
He said he thought the eagle might have mistaken the drone as another bird in its territory.
As for the photograph, Mr Nairn said what he captured was luck.
“I saw him come in on the left, I hit go and took a snap and then that was it. That was the last photo and the only photo of the eagle,” he said.

So magnificent, he even has a #1 hit song dedicated to him.

Watch it here.

Daddy Cool – Eagle Rock



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