The Tonight Show

Johnny Carson Says Goodnight.

Last night in 1992, possibly the funniest and wittiest person on television, said goodnight to his audience for the last time. Johnny Carson’s final guests were Robin Williams and Bette Midler, who sang to him “You made me watch (love) you.”

Watch the whole final show here.

Watch just the farewell here.

Johnny Carson

“If life was fair, Elvis would be alive and all the impersonators would be dead.”

“I know a man who gave up smoking, drinking, sex, and rich food. He was healthy right up to the day he killed himself.”

A very intelligent and entertaining fellow who became the model for all those compere hosts who followed. (Do yourself a favour, and have an youtube fest of the Johnny Carson Show.)



Vale Erin Moran

Erin Marie Moran Fleischmann.

Erin was an American actress, best known for playing Joanie Cunningham on the sitcom Happy Days and its spin-off Joanie Loves Chachi.

As Joanie, Erin convincingly portrayed growing up in the Fifties and enjoyed a worldwide and appreciative audience.

Happy Days

18 October 1960 – 22 April 2017

“This business is very unpredictable. A lot of it is luck and being in the right place at the right time.”


Vale John Clarke

John Morrison Clarke.

(aka Fred Dagg) was a New Zealand–Australian comedian, writer, actor and satirist.

As Fred Dagg, he explained the meaning of life and other important stuff whilst dressed in his work clobber of gumboots, shorts and singlet. Fittingly he wrote the screenplay for the film “The Man Who Sued God” and invented farnarkling. His regular television satirical sketches with Bryan Dawe (Clarke & Dawe) are legendary. Check out ‘The Front Fell Off.’

John Clarke29 July 1948 – 9 April 2017

“We don’t know how lucky we are.”


Vale Chuck Berry

Charles Edward Anderson “Chuck” Berry.

Composer and unpolished performer of pure 12 bar Rock and Roll. (“I would sing the blues if I had the blues.”) Berry produced a large repertoire of memorable songs and influenced innumerable aspiring musicians.

“If you tried to give rock ‘n’ roll another name, you might call it Chuck Berry.” – John Lennon.

“All of us are footnotes to the words of Chuck Berry.” – Leonard Cohen.

“The Shakespeare of rock & roll.”  – Bob Dylan.

“He lit up our teenage years, and blew life into our dreams of being musicians and performers.” –  Mick Jagger.

“What a guy.” – Ed


October 18, 1926 – March 18, 2017

“Don’t let the same dog bite you twice.”


Vale Murray Ball

Murray Ball. ONZM

In 1986, Ball’s drawing of a NZ fur seal pup was adopted by the United Nations for the International Year of Peace.

Fur Seal
Just as well his dream of becoming an All Black didn’t materialise or Wal, The Dog, Horse, Cooch, Major, The Murphys, Prince Charles, Darlene Hobson, Aunt Doll and a host of other Footrot family characters might have never come to be.

Leaves behind a world grateful for his many creations, especially Footrot Flats.


26 January 1939 – 12 March 2017

“A Slice of Heaven”



Vale John Hurt

Sir John Vincent Hurt, CBE

A prolific and varied career of screen and stage. An extraordinary talent, he gave audiences a renewed passion, excitement and meaning to their experience.

22 January 1940 – 27 January 2017

‘Someone once asked me, “Is there anything you regret?” and I said, “Everything!” Whatever you do, there was always a better choice.’